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Derek K.. / United States - 05/26/2015

I love this frame! It is incredibly sturdy and tough. I haven't had any serious crashes yet, but it just bounced a bit when I had a few tumbles while tuning it.

The frame provides quite a bit of room for electronics and the included PDB is a nice touch. Watch your component placement as mine was a bit tail heavy at first. Fortunately with all the room, I was able to slide the escs and fc forward to compensate.

I'm really looking forward to racing it where I can see really how tough it as I am always hitting the gates at our track!

Shipping was also very fast. It got to me on the east coast of the US in under two weeks.

Thanks for designing a tough, unique frame that isn't two sheets of carbon fiber and some standoffs!
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Steve E.. / France - 07/04/2015

Ordered this frame a week ago, receiver few days after. Quick shipping, well packaged.

The frame is easy to assemble, just watch the video of assembly in youtube and do the same. PCB is a little big but convenient to place all the hardware. I've put RCX simonK esc and dys 1806 motors. Flight controller is a cc3d. r615x receiver connected in ppm mode.

The time to make the solder and wire correctly the quad (yes i don't like to see cables everywhere), and a couple of hours after i was ready to go.

First try i do not put my fatshark tx and camera inside, just in case i miss something in the configuration and the quad become a incotrolable fireball. The frame is not the lighter i have, 479g with a 1350mah 3s battery. First statics tests show some vibrations but mainly due to prop balancing. Nothing major for the cc3d.

Then, i armed the board, push gently the throttle, and the quad take off nicely, stable and clear. started to make some eight and some loop, seems clean.

As i'm a funny guy i decide to start try to crash... yes.. you read it correctly. I buy this frame for its solidity, before putting my tx and cam a have to know if it's was true. SO i did it, just cut off throttle at full speed, and crashing in hard ground. Result : just a prop cracked, but the frame has absolutly nothing...

It's just the beggining of my adventure with this flexybee, but if you do not need to have a light and agile bird, and you plane to do some low ride race with your friend in the wood, crashing in the trees, this frame is for you !!

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